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Top 10 Kidney-Friendly Foods

After bringing you several issues of Spice it up! and dozens of recipes, we thought it was time to come up with a list of “best foods”. Here is our top 10 list of healthy, kidney-friendly foods which are not only delicious but rich in vitamins and antioxidants and low in potassium, phosphorus and sodium.

Our Spice it up! team is always trying to find new ways to load our recipes with one or more of the ingredients listed below. Make the following top ten healthy foods regular ingredients in your cooking and take advantage of their many health benefits.

#1 Garlic and garlic powder

Why we love it?  Garlic adds loads of flavour and no sodium!

How to use it? Buy fresh or minced in a bottle. Garlic powder adds taste to vegetables.


•Cooking garlic cloves whole will result in very little flavour.

•Roast garlic for a mellow flavour.

•The smaller you cut the garlic, the stronger the flavour.

•No need to peel garlic cloves when using a garlic press.

•When sautéing garlic, be careful not to burn it, which makes it bitter.

Recipes to try:

#2 Onion and onion powder

Why we love it?  Onion is a delicious base ingredient for many recipes.

How to use it? •Raw or sautéed, use different types of onions and explore variations in flavour (red, white, green).  •Onion powder adds taste to vegetables.


•Refrigerate onions 30 minutes before cutting to prevent getting teary eyes.

•Use low to medium heat for sautéing as high heat makes onions turn bitter.

Recipes to try:

#3 Olive oil

Why we love it?  This heart-healthy oil is a source of good fat and calories.

How to use it? Use for frying, baking, marinating vegetables and for salad dressings as a replacement for other vegetable oils.


•Choose virgin or extra virgin olive oil, which is higher in antioxidants.

•Keep the container away from heat and light.

•You can freeze olive oil in smaller containers and defrost and keep at room temperature.

Recipes to try:

#4 Pasteurized egg whites

Why we love it?  Egg whites provide good protein with a minimum amount of phosphorus compared to other protein sources.

How to use it? Use for most recipes which ask for eggs.


•Add egg whites to your berry smoothies for additional protein.

•Pasteurized egg products can be safely used raw.

Recipes to try:

#5 No-salt added broth (chicken, beef, vegetable)

Why we love it?  A base ingredient for many recipes and a great time saver.

How to use it? Use to prepare soups, stews and sauces.


•Read the food labels: there are sodium-free (less than 5mg per serving), very low sodium (less than 35mg) and “no-salt-added”products. Avoid products with “potassium” additives.

Recipes to try:

#6 Red bell peppers

Why we love it?  Delicious and a great source of vitamins C, A, B6, folic acid, fibre, and lycopene.

How to use it?

•Raw, cooked or roasted. Use peppers to make a creamy red sauce.

•A tasty dialysis diet replacement for tomatoes.


•When buying roasted red peppers in a jar, check the sodium content on the label. Buy the brand with the lowest sodium content.

Recipes to try:

#7 Cauliflower

Why we love it?  Rich in vitamin C, folate and fibre.

How to use it?

•Raw, cooked or mashed. A tasty dialysis diet replacement for potatoes.

•Turmeric, coriander, garlic powder or curry adds zest to cauliflower.

•Try cauliflower in different colours – the so-called heirloom varieties are found in farmer’s markets.


•Store upright with stem down in a plastic bag in the vegetable crisper in the fridge.

Recipes to try:

#8 Cabbage

Why we love it?  Rich in vitamins C, K, B6, fibre, folic acid phytochemicals… and inexpensive!

How to use it? Raw or cooked: use in salads,stews and soup.


•Store the cabbage uncut in the fridge to prevent vitamin loss. If the cabbage is cut, wrap the remainder tightly in plastic wrap.

Recipes to try:

#9 Ground Turkey

Why we love it?  Excellent source of lean protein, low in saturated fat.

How to use it? Replace ground red meat in recipes occasionally with ground turkey to add variety.


•If ground turkey will not be used in one or two days, freeze it and thaw in refrigerator once ready to cook.

Recipes to try:

#10 Fruits with strong colours, such as raspberries, apples, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, red grapes

Why we love it?  All of them are vitamin and fibre powerhouses.

How to use it? Fruits are not only good as a snack. Use them in salads, entrées, desserts and in smoothies.


•Choose frozen berries, which are fresher and cheaper when you are buying berries out of season.

Recipes to try: